Sunday, June 11, 2017

Chris Stapleton

Christopher Alvin "Chris" Stapleton, *15-04-1978 Lexington, KY
2nd version
By Praguefrank
SESSIONS also member of Steel Drivers (bluegrass), The Jompson Brother (rock)
2013 Nashville, TN – Chris Stapleton
001 WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING Too? Mercury digital single
2015 Blackbird Studio, Nashville, TN/ Grand Victor Sound, Nashville, TN/ The Castle, Franklin, TN – Chris Stapleton (Chris Stapleton [vcl/ac gt/el gt/mandolin], Dave Cobb [ac gt/percussion], Mike Webb [piano/ organ/ Mellotron], J.T. Cure [upright bass], Derek Mixon [drums/ percussion], Mickey Raphael [harmonica], Morgane Stapleton [bck vcl]. Producer: Dave Cobb, Cheis Stapleton)
002 TRAVELLER Mercury Nashville B0019405-02 
003 FIRE AWAY Mercury Nashville B0019405-02
004 TENNESSEE WHISKEY Mercury Nashville B0019405-02
005 PARACHUTE Mercury Nashville B0019405-02
006 WHISKEY AND YOU Mercury Nashville B0019405-02
007 NOBODY TO BLAME Mercury Nashville B0019405-02 
008 MORE OF YOU Mercury Nashville B0019405-02 
009 WHEN THE STARS COME OUT Mercury Nashville B0019405-02 
010 DADDY DOESN'T PRAY ANYMORE Mercury Nashville B0019405-02
011 MIGHT AS WELL GET STONED Mercury Nashville B0019405-02
012 WAS IT 26 Mercury Nashville B0019405-02 
013 THE DEVIL NAMED MUSIC Mercury Nashville B0019405-02
014 OUTLAW STATE OF MIND Mercury Nashville B0019405-02
015 SOMETIMES I CRY Mercury Nashville B0019405-02 
6 July 2015 [live- Outlaw: Celebrating the Music of Waylon Jennings] Austin, TX – Chris Stapleton
01501 I AIN'T LIVING LONG LIKE THIS  Legacy / Sony Music 8898534228 2
Late 2016/early 2017 RCA Victor Studio, Nashville, TN – Chris Stapleton (Chris Stapleton [vcl/gt], Dave Cobb [ac gt], Robby Turner [stee;], J. T. Cure [bass], Derek Mixon [drums], Mickey Raphael [harmonica], Mike Webb [keyboards], Morgane Stapleton [hny vcl]. Producer: Dave Cobb)
016 BROKEN HALOS Mercury B0026379-02
018 SECOND ONE TO KNOW Mercury B0026379-02
019 UP TO NO GOOD LIVIN' Mercury B0026379-02
020 EITHER WAY Mercury B0026379-02
021 I WAS WRONG Mercury B0026379-02
022 WITHOUT YOUR LOVE Mercury B0026379-02
023 THEM STEMS Mercury B0026379-02
024 DEATH ROW Mercury B0026379-02  
Late 2016/early 2017 RCA Victor Studio, Nashville, TN – Chris Stapleton (musicians similar as above)
Unknown tracks for From a Room Volume 2

Mercury Nashville B0019405-02 Traveller: Traveller; Fire Away; Tennessee Whiskey; Parachute; Whiskey And You; Nobody To Blame; More of You; When the Stars Come Out; Daddy Doesn't Pray Anymore; Might As Well Get Stoned; Was It 26; The Devil Named Music; Outlaw State Of Mind; Sometimes I Cry - 04-05-15
Mercury Nashville B0026379-02  From A Room, vol. 1:  Broken Halos; Last Thing I Needed, First Thing This Morning;  Second One To Know;  Up To No Good Livin';  Either Way;  I Was Wrong;  Without Your Love;  Them Stems; Death Row – 05-05-17
Mercury Nashville ? From A Room, vol. 2:  (tracks unknown) - 17

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